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NEXT 2000HD New Software Update

NEXT 2000 HD Satellite Receiver New Firmware

Download NEXT 2000HD TV Receiver Software Latest Update. Update Next HD Receiver Firmware with New Option. Also Download Next User Manual in English and Turkish. Software PC Next Receiver Fat32 Formatter and Next Receiver STB Link. For All Model Next HD Receiver, Latest Software Update Click Here. New Update and For any Help Contact Us @ Facebook Page or Twitter.

NEXT 2000HD New Software Update


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File Name

New! Next 2000HD_ V1953 R599 23092022.rar
41- Next 2000HD_ V1950 R596 01092022.rar
40- Next 2000HD_ V1949 R595 22082022.rar
39- Next 2000HD_ V1271 R311 19082022.rar
38- Next 2000HD_ V1947 R593 03082022.rar
37- Next 2000HD_ V1945 R591 07072022.rar
36- Next 2000HD_ V1943 R589 06072022.rar
35- Next 2000HD_ V1939 R585 17062022.rar
34- Next 2000HD_ V1938 R584 14062022.rar
33- Next 2000HD_ V1937 R583 14032022.rar
32- Next 2000HD_ V1936 R582 01032022.rar
31- Next 2000HD_ V1934 R580 18022022.rar
30- Next 2000HD_ V1932 R578 14022022.rar
29- Next 2000HD_ V1931 R577 09022022.rar
28- Next 2000HD_ V1928 R574 26012022.rar
27- Next 2000HD_ V1926 R572 17012022.rar
26- Next 2000HD_ V1925 R571 12012022.rar
25- Next 2000HD_ V1924 R570 10012022.rar
24- Next 2000HD_ V1923 R569 07122021.rar
23- Next 2000HD_ V1922 R568 15112021.rar
22- Next 2000HD_ V1921 R567 12112021.rar
21- Next 2000HD_ V1920 R566 10112021.rar
20- Next 2000HD_ V1917 R563 13102021.rar
19- Next 2000HD_ V1913 R559 13092021.rar
18- Next 2000HD_ V1912 R558 02092021.rar
Updated Satellite/TP Information.
Fixed hiding adult channels
17- Next 2000HD_ V1911 R557 20082021.zip
Change Log:
1- Added Password Authentication (disablecrccws) option.
2- Updated CCcam version.
3- Translation errors fixed.
4- System improvements have been made.

16- Next 2000HD_ V1910 R556 06072021.rar
15- Next 2000HD_ V1909 R555 05072021.rar
14- Next 2000HD_ V1907 R553 25052021.rar
13- Next 2000HD_ V1906 R552 13042021.rar
12- Next 2000HD_ V1905 R551 24032021.rar
11- Next 2000HD_ V1903 R549 09032021.rar
10- Next 2000HD_ V1900 R546 26022021.rar
9- Next 2000HD_ V1899 R545 02022021.rar
8- Next 2000HD_ V1898 R544 28012021.rar
7- Next 2000HD_ V1897 R543 26012021.rar
6- Next 2000HD_ V1896 R542 31122020.rar
5- Next 2000HD_ V1892 R538 27112020.zip
4- Next 2000HD_ V1891 R537 28102020.rar
3- Next 2000HD_ V1887 R533 25092020.rar
2- Next 2000HD_ V1884 R530 18082020.rar
1- Next 2000HD_ V1883 R529 14082020.rar

NEXT_2000-HD Receiver Software 23/09/2022

Download NEXT_2000-HD Receiver Latest Software



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