Download NEXT 2071 TV Receiver Software Latest Update. Update Next HD Receiver Firmware with New Option. Also Download Next User Manual in English and Turkish. Software PC Next Receiver Fat32 Formatter and Next Receiver STB Link. For All Model Next HD Receiver, Latest Software Update Click Here. New Update and For any Help Contact Us @ Facebook Page or Twitter.


Product Features

Next 2071 H265 Dishless Dish MPEG4 HD Satellite Receiver with HEVC IPTV
H265 IPTV Superior Picture Quality, Low Internet Usage (vs H264)
Free (Free) IPTV (730 DAYS), D-IPTV, Stalker and Many More Applications
Multistream (T2-MI Broadcast)
YouTube Support (FullHD High Definition)
Plug & Play Ready Channel List
TKGS Feature
USB Wi-Fi Support
Easy Installation and Simple Interface
Domestic and National Hardware and Software
New Features with Continuously Updated Software
Made in TURKEY
100% Native Software

Features Only Available on Next 2071

2000DMIPS & 1866MHz RAM Fastest of Its Type
Non-Stop-Watch (Watching from IPTV automatically when the signal is sent on the channel watched by the Satellite Receiver. This Feature Requires Internet Connection. It Only Includes FreeIPTV Broadcasts.
Stalker MAC Address Manipulation (Creating Separate MAC Addresses For Each Stalker Account.)
NextConnect (A Special Protocol on the Communication of Your Next Satellite Receiver and TV.)
Xtream API Support (Other 2000 and 64 series do not have this feature.)
Next 2071 H265 HEVC IPTV -Satellite Receiver,
Next 2000 HD is the H265 HEVC Model of Internet Machina with New Features.

File Name

New! Next 2071_ V3297 R331 28092022.rar
56- Next 2071_ V3296 R330 23092022.rar
55- Next 2071_ V3292 R326 01092022.rar
54- Next 2071_ V3290 R324 19082022.rar
53- Next 2071_ V3286 R320 02082022.rar
52- Next 2071_ V3284 R318 07072022.rar
51- Next 2071_ V3282 R316 05072022.rar
50- Next 2071_ V3276 R310 17062022.rar
49- Next 2071_ V3275 R309 14062022.rar
48- Next 2071_ V3274 R308 28042022.rar
47- Next 2071_ V3273 R307 11032022.rar
46- Next 2071_ V3272 R306 01032022.rar
45- Next 2071_ V3270 R304 18022022.rar
44- Next 2071_ V3268 R302 14022022.rar
43- Next 2071_ V3267 R301 09022022.rar
42- Next 2071_ V3266 R300 26012022.rar
41- Next 2071_ V3264 R297 17012022.rar
40- Next 2071_ V3263 R296 12012022.rar
39- Next 2071_ V3260 R293 10012022.rar
38- Next 2071_ V3258 R291 13122021.rar
37- Next 2071_ V3257 R290 07122021.rar
36- Next 2071_ V3254 R287 25112021.rar
35- Next 2071_ V3250 R283 15112021.rar
34- Next 2071_ V3249 R282 12112021.rar
33- Next 2071_ V3247 R280 10112021.rar
32- Next 2071_ V3244 R277 28102021.rar
31- Next 2071_ V3244 R277 28102021.rar
30- Next 2071_ V3243 R276 19102021.rar
29- Next 2071_ V3242 R275 13102021.rar
28- Next 2071_ V3239 R271 13092021.rar

27- Next 2071_ V3238 R270 07092021.rar


1- SPortal has been fixed.
26- Next 2071_V3237 R269 02092021.rar
Updated Satellite/TP Information.
Fixed hiding adult channels
25- Next 2071_V3236 R268
Change Log:
1- Added Password Authentication (disablecrccws) option.
2- Updated CCcam version.
3- Translation errors fixed.
4- System improvements have been made.

24- Next 2071_ V3232 R264 06072021.rar
23- Next 2071_ V3231 R263 05072021.rar
22- Next 2071_ V3227 R259 25052021.rar
21- Next 2071_ V3225 R257 19042021.rar
20- Next 2071_ V3224 R256 12042021.rar
19- Next 2071_ V3222 R252 24032021.rar
18- Next 2071_V3218 R247 09032021.rar
17- Next 2071_ V3216 R245 05032021.rar
16- Next 2071_ V3215 R244 26022021.rar
15- Next 2071_ V3213 R242 _22022021.rar
14- Next 2071_ V3210 R239 12022021.rar
13- Next 2071_ V3207 R236 08022021.rar
12- Next 2071_ V3206 R235 02022021.rar
11- Next 2071_ V3205 R234 28012021.rar
10- Next 2071_ V3204 R233 26012021.rar
9- Next 2071_ V3202 R231 16012021.rar
8- Next 2071_ V3200 R229 31122020.rar
7- Next 2071_ V3195 R223
6- Next 2071_ V3194 R222 06112020.rar
5- Next 2071_ V3191 R219 26102020.rar
4- Next 2071_ V3190 R218 23102020.rar
3- Next 2071_ V3180 R207 30092020.rar
2- Next 2071_ V3176 R203 25092020.rar
1- Next 2071_ V3173 R200 09092020.rar

NEXT_2071 Receiver New Software Upload 28/09/2022



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