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Technical Support

The GT MEDIA R&D centre continuously optimizes and improves FTA Satellite Receiver, and launches new firmware on the forum for users to download and update to the device. If you need any technical support, you can post your question on forum and get response in 24hours. V7 PRO is an upgraded version from V7 PLUS, mainly add DVB-S2X, HEVC main 10 (10bit), BISS auto roll, Full PowerVu, Smart card slot and multi-room, support full-speed USB 4G dongle, other functions are the same.

Come with a wifi antenna, plug-in, connect to the wifi, support watching YouTube, CS protocol, CCcam, Newcam Mgcam etc. Paid programs must enter the code (code not provided). DVB-S/S2/S2X+T/T2, VCM/ACM/T2MI, Multi-PLP, HEVC main 10 (10bit), AVS+, pre-install a lot of satellite lists, such as Galaxy 19 97W, Eutelsat Hispasat, etc. USB 2.0 for PVR, TIMESHIFT, media files playback, upgrades latest firmware through USB flash drive. Multi-room, insert your CA card, allows you to share the card with other receivers on the same network. (card not included).


GT MEDIA V7 PRO Free to air FTA Digital Satellite Receiver with USB WiFi Antenna, DVB-S/S2/S2X Galaxy 19 Full HD 1080p H.265 HEVC 10bit, CA Card Slot, Support YouTube CCcam Biss auto-roll
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Important Note:
1- backup the channel list.                                        Backup Channel List
2- export the softcam.key to usb device                         Backup softcam.key
3- update the firmware to box by allcode mode 4-
update channel list then import softcam.key

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File Name

New! GTMEDIA_V7_PRO_V322_14092022.rar
change log:
1. Support Unicable 2.0
2. New LCN display strategy.

18- GTMEDIA V7 PRO_ V319 20052022.rar
change log:
1. Support tivusat merlin card
2. Support TNTSAT card

17- GTMEDIA V7 PRO_ V311 16022022.rar
change log:
1. After exporting XML DB, import program sequence repair
2. XML DB export supports multi-track export
3. Under Installation, scan operation, default blind scan

16- GTMEDIA V7 PRO_ V302 14122021.bin
change log:
1. Update 30W frequency table

15- GTMEDIA V7 PRO_ V301 01122021.bin
change log:
1) backup the channel list.
2) export the softcam.key to usb device
3) update the firmware to box by allcode mode
4) update channel list then import softcam.key

14- GTMEDIA V7 PRO_ V294 29102021.rar
change log:
1. Update Indonesia area, DVB-T2 channel number
13- GTMEDIA V7 PRO_ V275 09062021.rar
change log:
1. Support radio PVR function
2. Fix T2MI stuck problem
3. Support Multi-Room function
4. Update the built-in frequency of Hot Bied 13B/13C 13E

12- GTMEDIA V7Pro_ V266
change log:
1. Update Youtube
11- GTMEDIA V7 PRO_ V262 16032021.rar
change log:
1. Increase the software version limit

10_ GTMEDIA V7 PRO_ V258 03032021.rar
change log:
1. Update the built-in satellite
2. Fix the problem of slow EPG display
3. Enlarge the number keys to select channels
4. Fix HD water ripple problem
5. Fix the channel sorting problem

9- GTMEDIA V7 PRO_ V256 29012021.rar
change log:
1. Solve Youtube music cannot be played
2. Solve the 78.5E 140E_T2 MI problem

8- GTMEDIA V7 PRO_ V255 26012021.rar
change log:
1. Add Diseqc sending time configuration in other projects
2. Support PVR playback fast forward and rewind
3. Added support for ORF ICE card.
4. Fix 78.5E T2MI search problem
5. Support backup User DB, backup LCN

7- GTMEDIA V7 PRO_ 23122020.rar

change log:
1. Update the frequency of DVB-T/T2 in Italy
2. Repair the frequency point display error during the automatic search process
3. Repair export userdb without favset information
4. Add under Newcam, the key of 0102030405060708091011121314 is automatically added by default
5. Add Romanian

6- GTMEDIA V7 PRO_ 08122020.rar
change log:
1. Support 5W_FranSat channel playback
2. Support 19.2E_ French channel TNT playback
3. Solve the problem that Youtube can’t play
4. SkipCW CheckSum, the default is ON

5- GTMEDIA V7 PRO_ 02122020.rar
change log:
Update YouTube
Update Czech
Fixed the problem that the horizontal V channel cannot be played when the machine restarts when the LNB is turned off.
4- GTMedia V7Pro_
Update YouTube
Update Czech
Fixed the problem that the horizontal V channel cannot be played when the machine restarts when the LNB is turned off.
4- MEDIA V7 PRO_ 19112020.rar
3- GTMEDIA V7 PRO_ 29102020.rar
2- GTMEDIA V7 PRO_ 03092020.rar
1- GTMEDIA V7 PRO_ 30092020.rar

GTMEDIA_V7 Pro Receiver Software 14/09/2022
Download GTMEDIA_V7 Pro Receiver Firmware New Update


  1. hello please tell me what to do in case my V7S2X receiver disconnects hifi stays connected about a few wonders2..3 and stays disconnected … wireless usb hifi module is ok Thank you in advance with respect MORRO


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