Starsat SR-2000HD HYPER New Firmware Update


Starsat SR-2000HD HYPER Satellite Receiver Latest Software Download

Download Starsat SR-2000HD HYPER Digital Satellite Receiver New Software. RS232 Software PC, Loader, and apps Download.Starsat tools, channel editor. All Receiver Model Starsat Dump Flash File Download. For other Starsat Receiver Latest Software Update Click Here. and Contact Us @ Facebook Page or Twitter.

Starsat SR-2000HD HYPER New Firmware Update

Secret Menu Keys:
  • F1 + 000 Active & Deactivate Menu
  • F1 + 111 Sharing Menu
  • F1 + 222 Ecm Show Option
  • F1 + 333 Key Edit
  • F1 + 444 Input Box Key
  • F1 + 555 Ip Setting
  • F1 + 666 Server Setting
  • F1 + 777 Reboot
  • F1 + 789 Time Shift On/off
  • F1 + 0852 Factory Default
  • F1 + 999 Moter Setting
  • F1 + 456 Active or Dractive Menu
  • F1 + 147 Coding Menu
  • F1 + 321 Test List Menu
  • Master Code: 9876

File Name
New! SR-2000HD HYPER_V2.80(25660)
12- SR-2000HD HYPER_V2.79(25620)
11- SR-2000HD HYPER_V2.78(25557)
10- SR-2000HD HYPER_V2.77(25557)
9- StarSatSR-2000HD HYPER_V2.76(25523)
8- StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER_V2.75(25331) 19122023.rar
7- SR-2000HD HYPER_V2.73(25331)
6- StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER_V2.72(25195) 19102023.rar
5- StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER_V2.71(25124) 27092023.rar
4- StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER_V2.65(22797) 27052021.rar
3- StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER_V2.63(22113) 25082020.rar
2- StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER_V2.63(22097) 21082020.rar
1- StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER_V2.62(22027) 23072020.rar

Loader! StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER_Loader.rar
Flash Rom! StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER_Flash Rom.rar
Channel List! StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER_20150303 Channel List.rar

Update Starsat SR-2000HD HYPER_Receiver Software 13/06/2024

Download Starsat SR-2000HD HYPER Receiver Firmware New Update

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  1. V.2.65 is not usefull as previous. V.2.52.54. are the best for cccame. 2.65 not update auto Biss Key or powervu. Auto PowerVu soctware werr 2.33 the last. If we now update stb with old sw the stb auto off and go to Boot.

    If any body knows which software working auto biss or powerVu plz post.


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