Starsat SR-4070HD Extreme New Firmware Update

Starsat SR-4070HD Extreme Satellite Receiver Latest Software Download

Starsat SR-4070HD Extreme Satellite TV Receiver Latest Software Update. All Update Starsat HD Receiver Firmware with New Option. Also Download Starsat User Manual in English. For All Model Starsat HD Receiver, Latest Software Update Click Here. New Update and For any Help Contact Us @ Facebook Page or Twitter.

StarSat SR-4070HD Full HD, 2xUSB, HDMI, EPG, MPEG4, Blind Scan, YouTube, PVR, DVBS2, 3G & WiFi Supported (WiFi device not include)

Starsat SR-4070HD Extreme New Firmware Update

Product Description:

DVB-S/DVB-S2 Satellite Compliant (MPEG-II/MPEG-IV/H.264)
SCPC & MCPC receivable from Ku and C band satellites
Universal, Single, Single S & C Band Wideband LNB
Compatible Code Rates: 1/2, 3/5, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6, 7/8, 8/9 and 9/10
DiSEq C 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3(USALS)
Unicable Supported
Blind Search Supported.
Multi satellite search, network search, manual search
Variable aspect ratio(4:3, 16:9) with PAN&SCAN vector or letter BOX option
Output Resolution: 480p60Hz 480i60Hz, 576p50Hz & 576i50Hz, 720p50&60HZ, 1080i 50&60HZ, 1080P 50&60Hz
OSD: True full Colour(32 bits), 720X576/1280X720(configureable)
Storing memory: more than 100 satellite, 1000 transponders and 5000 channels
32 and more favorite group and parental lock supported.
Favourite group add,delete,
Supported programme lock,
Supported multi-language menu(English. Franch. Russia. Greek. Italian. Arabic. Farsi. Ukrain. Swedish. Spanish, Turkish, German etc)
Support multi epg language
Multi-language audio.
Multi-language DVB Subtitle output
(Now/Next Daily, Weekly) Electronic Program Guide(EPG)
Teletext output through OSD.
Software and additional data upgrade through USB
USB 2.0 Interface

File Name
New! SR-4070HD EXTREME_ V3.17
19- StarSat SR-4040HD EXTREME_ V3.16 31102022.rar
18- StarSat SR-4070HD EXTREME_ V3.14 21102022.rar
17- StarSat SR-4070HD EXTREME_ V3.11 30062022.rar
16- StarSat SR-4070HD EXTREME_ V3.09 16052022.rar
15- StarSat SR-4070HD EXTREME_ V3.07
14- StarSat SR-4070HD EXTREME_ V3.01 27012022.rar
13- StarSat SR-4070HD EXTREME_ V2.99 24122021.rar
12- StarSat SR-4070HD EXTREME_ V2.98 06122021.rar
11- StarSat SR-4070HD EXTREME_ V2.95 15102021.rar
10- StarSat SR-4070HD EXTREME_ V2.92 24052021.rar
9- SR-4070HD EXTREME_ V2.90 31032021.bin
8- StarSat SR-4070HD EXTREME_ V2.89 09032021.rar
7- StarSat SR-4070HD EXTREME_ V2.88 01032021.rar
6- SR-4070HD EXTREME_ V2.87 24022021.bin
5- StarSat SR-4070HD EXTREME_ V2.85 22122020.rar
4- StarSat SR-4070HD EXTREME_ V2.84 23112020.rar
3- SR-4070HD EXTREME_ V2.83
2- StarSat SR-4070HD EXTREME_ V2.81 02072020.rar
1- StarSat SR 4070HD EXTREME_ V2.80_05062020.rar

Starsat SR-4070HD Extreme Receiver Software 11/11/2022

Download Starsat SR-4070HD Extreme Receiver Firmware New Update


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