Starsat SR-5959HD PRO New Firmware Update

Starsat SR-5959HD PRO Satellite Receiver Latest Software Download

Update Starsat SR-5959HD PRO Digital Satellite Receiver New Software.Software PC, Loader, and apps Download. Starsat tools, channel editor Download. Starsat Dump Flash file Download.Other Starsat Receiver Latest Software Update Click Here. and Contact Us at Facebook Page or Twitter.

Starsat SR-5959HD PRO New Firmware Update

Product Description:

Brand: Starsat Model: 5959 Pro FULL HD DIGITAL SATELLITE RECEIVER fully comply with DVB-S/S2 MPEG-2/4 H.264 standard Multi-language OSD.Multi-language audio reception. TV and radio programs auto-separated list high-speed searching programs. 4000 channels memory capacity .8 different favorite groups selection. software upgrade via USB2.0 interface .support USB PVR recording. Fully support 7 days Electronic Program Guide (EPG). selectable output for 1080p, 1080i, 720p and 576p format . various channel editing functions ( favorite, moving, locking, renaming deleting, and sorting ). Auto-scan function (blind search function ). MPEG Layer 1&2, MP3 decoding. Diseqc control ( Diseqc 1. 0/1. 2/1.3 and USLS .support favorites group. AC 220-240V 50/60Hz Are batteries needed to power the product or is this product a battery: No Is this a Dangerous Good or a Hazardous Material, Substance, or Waste that is regulated for transportation, storage, and/or disposal? : No

File Name
New! SR-5959HD PRO_ V3.17
19- StarSat SR-5959HD PRO_ V3.16 31102022.rar
18- StarSat SR-5959HD PRO_ V3.14 24102022.rar
17- StarSat SR-5959HD PRO_ V3.11 30062022.rar
16- StarSat SR-5959HD PRO_ V3.09 16052022.rar
15- StarSat SR-5959HD PRO_ V3.01 27012022.rar
14- StarSat SR-5959HD PRO_ V3.00 12012022.rar
13- StarSat SR-5959HD PRO_ V2.99 24122021.rar
12- StarSat SR-5959HD PRO_ V2.98 06122021.rar
11- StarSat SR-5959HD PRO_ V2.95 15102021.rar
10- StarSat SR-5959HD PRO_ V2.92 24052021.rar
9- SR-5959HD PRO_ V2.90 31032021.bin
8- StarSat SR-5959HD PRO_ V2.89 09032021.rar
7- StarSat SR-5959HD PRO_ V2.88 01032021.rar
6- SR-5959HD PRO_ V2.87 24022021.bin
4- StarSat SR-5959HD PRO_ V2.85 22122020.rar
3- SR-5959HD PRO_ V2.83
2- StarSat SR-5959HD PRO_ V2.81 02072020.rar
1- StarSat SR 5959HD PRO_ V2.80 05062020.rar

Starsat SR-5959HD PRO Receiver Software 11/11/2022

Download Starsat SR-5959HD PRO Receiver Firmware New Update


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