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Performance at the rendezvous
Enhance your interior.
the Atomo 4k Receiver brings new options such as MultiStream , and its ALI 2661 Processor , which allows it to be very efficient in your navigation.
The device is equipped with a LAN Cable port to allow you to plug it directly into your ADSL router and have better connectivity.
the Atomo 4k receiver allows you to have a range of more than 8000 international channels
4k video is a substantial advance over 1080p, with a resolution four times greater than 1080p; in a 16: 9 ratio, i.e. 3840 x 2160 pixels compared to 1920 x 1080 pixels. On a screen, 4k video contains over 8 million pixels, compared to just 2 million pixels for 1080p.

V H265 / HEVC

H265, or HEVC (High Efficient Video Coding), is the new standard video compression that offers even more improvement over H264. H265 offers improved bit reduction of 57% at 1080p and 64% of UHD or 4K compared to H264.
Dolby Digital (AC-3) / Dolby Digital Plus (AC3-E)
AC3 is a file extension for surround audio files used on the DVD format. The AC3 file format was created for use in Dolby Digital sound on DVD, Blu-ray, and other digital video formats. AC3 stands for Audio Coding 3.
ECHOLINK ATOMO 4K come with more applications eg: Youtube, Dlna, Quran, G-mscreen, Miracast…
YouTube Online Support up to 4K Video
Digital Living Network Alliance ( DLNA )
DLNA can communicate and share media files (audio / photos / videos) with other DLNA products connected on the network.

G-MSCREEN application

1 / G-MSCREEN is a great remote control app that lets you conveniently control your receiver with your Android phone.
2 / share TV screen on phone, you can broadcast TV screen to phone and control receiver with your phone and watch same channel or different channel at the same time.
Miracast application
Miracast will help you to cast Android device screen to TV screen by wireless display device like smart TV or wireless display adapters.
3 ways to connect to the internet
Wifi (Wifi key)
3G / 4G modem
LAN port to connect the RJ45 cable
you have two ways to connect to TV
AV: you can connect with old TV
HDMI: you can connect with a new TV

File Name
New! ECHOLINK ATOMO_ V1.10.5359 14112022.rar
17- ECHOLINK ATOMO_ V1.10.5221 02112022.rar
16- ECHOLINK ATOMO_ V1.10.4717 02092022.rar
15- ECHOLINK ATOMO_ V1.10.4568 16082022.rar
14- ECHOLINK ATOMO_ V1.10.3649 30042022.rar
13- ECHOLINK ATOMO_ V1.10.3393 20220406.rar
12- ECHOLINK ATOMO_ V1.10.2838 19012022.rar
11- ECHOLINK ATOMO_ V1.10.2356 12112021.rar
10- ECHOLINK ATOMO_ V1.10.2127 18102021.rar
9- ECHOLINK ATOMO_ V1.10.1866 17082021.rar
8- ECHOLINK ATOMO_ V1.10.1558 31052021.rar
7- ECHOLINK ATOMO_ V1.10.1389 30042021.bin
6- ECHOLINK ATOMO_ V1.10.1193 25032021.rar
5- ECHOLINK ATOMO_ V1.10.1070 03032021.rar
4- ECHOLINK ATOMO_ V1.09.22332 16122020.rar
3- ECHOLINK ATOMO_ V1.09.22248 29102020.rar
2- ECHOLINK ATOMO_ V1.09.21921 22062020.rar
1- ECHOLINK ATOMO_ V1.09.21861 04062020.rar

Channel List! ECHOLINK ATOMO_ Channel List.rar

Update Echolick ATOMO SOFTWARE 14-11-2022




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