NEXT 64 Satellite Receiver Software 2020. User manual in English and Turkish Download. How to Upgrade Next Receiver Software and Channel Editor? Download Next Receiver RS232 Upgrade Tools. Upload Program, Upload Editor. Channel Key Editor and  Recovery Editor. All Next  Receiver Current Software Download 2020. Next Receiver Current EMU Key File Current Channel List File Download. How to Install Image Software In Receiver. Next Receiver User Guide Download in PDF Format. To Download Latest Receiver Firmware and Help Desk All about Satellite TV Like Our Facebook Page.



About Receiver

Next 64 Dishless MPEG4 HD Satellite Receiver with IPTV, Legendary 2000 Based, Plug and Play, Ready Channel List, TKGS Feature, USB Wi-Fi Support, Triggered SCART Cable Support, NextConnect Protocol Support (For TV-Satellite Receiver Communication), Easy Installation and Simple Interface, Domestic and National Hardware and Let’s Write,

Main Features!

Satellite Channel Capacity: 10,000, IPTV Channel Capacity: 10,000, Processor Speed: 594MHz, Flash Memory: 8MB, RAM Memory: 128MB, Operating System: RTOS & Next, USB Input: 2x, HDMI Output: Yes, Analog (RCA) Output: Yes, Analog Scart Output: Yes ( Optional), , TKGS Support, 4-Digit LED Display IR Receiver Module,

FullHD 1080p / i Video Resolution, Youtube & Weather Support, Teletext & Subtitle & Multifeed Support, Recording and TimeShift Feature (With USB Memory), USB Wi-Fi Device (MT-7601) Support, 3G USB Modem Support, FAT & NTFS File System Support, USB Media Player Feature, USB Hub Support, Software Update via USB Device and Network, Ability to Install Recovery Software via USB Port,

File Name

New! Next 64_ V1285 R325 09112022.rar
48- Next 64_ V1282 R321 04112022.rar
47- Next 64_ V1281 R321 17102022.rar
46- Next 64_ V1277 R317 28092022.rar
45- Next 64_ V1276 R316 23092022.rar
44- Next 64_ V1273 R313 01092022.rar
43- Next 64_ V1272 R312 22082022.rar
42- Next 64_ V1271 R311 19082022.rar
41- Next 64_ V1270 R310 03082022.rar
40- Next 64_ V1268 R308 07072022.rar
39- Next 64_ V1260 R299 14062022.rar
38- Next 64_ V1259 R298 14032022.rar
37- Next 64_ V1258 R296 01032022.rar
36- Next 64_ V1256 R294 21022022.rar
35- Next 64_ V1255 R293 14022022.rar
34- Next 64_ V1254 R292 09022022.rar
33- Next 64_ V1252 R290 17012022.rar
32- Next 64_ V1251 R289 12012022.rar
31- Next 64_ V1250 R287 10012022.rar
30- Next 64_ V1248 R285 13122021.rar
29- Next 64_ V1247 R284 07122021.rar
28- Next 64_ V1245 R281 23112021.rar
27- Next 64_ V1244 R280 19112021.rar
27- Next 64_ V1242 R277 15112021.rar
25- Next 64_ V1241 R276 12112021.rar
24- Next 64_ V1240 R275 10112021.rar
23- Next 64_ V1237 R272 13102021.rar
22- Next 64_ V1232 R267 13092021.rar
21- Next 64_ V1231 R266 02092021.rar


Updated Satellite/TP Information.
Fixed hiding adult channels
20- Next 64_V1230 R265
Change Log:
1- Added Password Authentication (disablecrccws) option.
2- Updated CCcam version.
3- Translation errors fixed.
4- System improvements have been made.

19- Next 64_ V1229 R264 06072021.rar
18- Next 64_ V1228 R263 05072021.rar
17- Next 64_ V1227 R262 26052021.rar
16- Next 64_ V1224 R259 24032021.rar
15- Next 64_ V1221 R256 01032021.rar
14- Next 64_ V1220 R255 26022021.rar
13- Next 64_ V1219 R253 24022021.rar
12- Next 64_ V1215 R249 02022021.rar
10- Next 64_ V1214 R247 29012021.rar
9- Next 64_ V1212 R245 26012021.rar
8- Next 64_ V1209 R242 25122020.rar
7- Next 64_ V1206 R239 17122020.rar
6- Next 64_ V1204 R237
5- Next 64_ V1200 R233 27102020.rar
4- Next 64_ V1193 R226 28092020.rar
3- Next 64_ V1192 R225 11092020.rar
2- Next 64_ V1188 R221 14082020.rar
1- Next 64_ V1187 R220 11082020.rar

Update NEXT 64 SOFTWARE 09-11-2022



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