Freesky Max HD ACM receiver Latest Software Download

FREESKY DUO MAX Digital Satellite Receiver New Firmware and with New server Option Software Download. Update Freesky HD Receiver Firmware with New IPTV Option. For All Model Freesky HD Receiver, Latest Software Update Click Here. New Update and For any Help Contact Us @ Facebook Page or Twitter.

Protocol: IKS / SKS / CS, ACM
Freesky Max HD ACM receiver (FREESKY MAX STAR and Max HD Mini)
Compact Receiver
High performance
Full HP 1080p Image Quality
Super Easy to use
Freesky Exclusive Ondemand
IKS Free / SKS Free support



Main Features :

Cine Freesky and Vod!
Simultaneous viewing of a channel and recording on the same TP
Closed Caption
Diseqc C 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 (Usals)
HDMI-Digital interface for perfect image and sound transmission
Dolby Digital Audio (S / PDIF) output
14 Days EPG
6000 Canai memory capacity for TV and Radio
8 Programmable Channel Lisat Groups
Online Update Function
External Wi-Fi
Apps: Youtube, FTP, Weather, Google Maps
Photos interface with Picasa, Yahoo, Flickr
Compatible with 3G networks

Freesky offers a new update for the Freesky Max (Duomax) HD receiver with system improvements.
In order to update your Freesky Max (Duomax) HD it is important to perform a factory reset before and shortly after updating, then search for channels.
In case of broken link, please notify us through the Contact Form so that we can fix the link


Stay tuned, as most update files are zipped, you will have to use WinRar to unzip the update files.

ATTENTION To update your receiver:

Download the update and unzip if necessary;
Place the update at the root of the USB stick;
Reset the device;
Remove the antenna and network cables;
Insert the USB stick in the device and make the update;
After finishing, perform another reset, replace all cables and reconfigure.

File Name
New! FREESKY DUO MAX_ V278 23062022.rar
4- FREESKY DUO MAX_ V277 25032022.rar
3- FREESKY DUO MAX_ V276 07122021.rar
2- FREESKY DUO MAX_V273 09082021.rar
1- FREESKY DUO MAX_V269 02042021.rar
Fixed bug to turn the device on by the power button on the receiver.
Added Option to configure Stand-by mode (Menu> Configuration> System> Deep Standby Mode: Off = device goes into standby when you click the power button On = device turns off completely when you click the power button)
It is recommended to leave this option “On” to avoid overheating the receiver.

Update FREESKY DUO MAX Receiver Software 23/06/2022

Download FREESKY DUO MAX Receiver Firmware New Update




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