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1- The XS7700HD PRO is the successor of our popular model XS5500HD PLUS.
XS7700HD PRO is one of the most advanced and well equipped satellite finders in it’s ownXCRUISER XS7700HD PRO FINDER SOFTWARE category, it is the first of it’s kind to have Gyro+ accelerometer and geomagnetic sensors to calculate angles and positions which help identify the location of the satellites and alignment of the dish antenna.
It has predefined geo locations “longitude” and “latitude” and by selecting preferred city, the finder will calculate Azimuth (left/right) and Elevation (up/down) of the dish antenna and shows graphical shapes on the screen. Also, by holding the device in hand, you can search for the satellite by matching center spot and the satellite icon on the screen. Along with the Azimuth and Elevation, the finder will also show the skew of LNB (adjustment of the LNB position).

2- The XS7700HD PRO is equipped with many useful and user-friendly equipments to make the dish antenna installation job much easier and joyful for it’s users.


3-  The realtime spectrum analyzer, which gives realtime result on the screen and shows the wavelength along with the transponder information of the pointer. Also, by using the spectrum, you can find out weakest and strongest TP and save their information in finder’s satellite list.
4-  The feed volt meter, which shows the power consumption of LNB and cable in Volts and Current values. This option is very helpful for testing cable quality and LNB power.
5-  The Satellite identifier, can check the signal and match with the available satellites and also, shows the results with the TP details.

6- The DiSEqC monitor is one of important and unique features of this finder. By connecting the satellite finder to receiver, it can monitor the receiver commands and also, show what command the receiver is sending to DiSEqC switch and USALS motor.
7- The multi TP scan was available in our previous models and it has been improved in this model. Now, with our improved multi TP scan, you can select the satellite, adjust TP manually and let the finder show the result of signal from the Quattro LNB -horizontal high, vertical high, horizontal low and vertical low- cables individually.


Hardware Specifications

ST micro Cortex-M3 core CPU
DVB Demodulator from SONY
Power-supply adaptor 100-240V/50/60Hz-12V/1A
Lithium polymer battery 1400mAh
Luminescent keypad (Glows in dark)
Car Charger
Dust protection bag with strap
USB cable for software upgrade
Charging connector cable


LNB short-circuit protection and indicator
Extremely fast and accurate tuner with high sensitivity
400*360 color display from SHARP
Software can be updated by USB port
Ultra-long standby battery, low power consumption hardware
LNB Cable feed voltage and current display (LNB & cable tester)
Realtime spectrum analyzer (Hardware & software)
Gyro+ sensors for satellite location and dish alignment with Elevation and Azimuth
Edit, move and delete satellites and transponders
DiSEqC 1.0, DiSEqC 1.1, DiSEqC 1.2, USALS, Unicable I and II supported
Compatible with C-band and KU-band circular LNB
Auto DiSEqC and Satellite identification functions
Cable identification for multi switch quattro LNB HH, VH, HL, VL
DiSEqC command listener (Display receiver port configuration)
Multilingual MENU

File Name
New! XCRUISER DIGITAL FINDER XS7700HD PRO_ V5.3 13062022.rar
5- XCRUISER DIGITAL FINDER XS7700HD PRO_ V5.0 07062022.rar
4- XCRUISER DIGITAL FINDER XS7700HD PRO_ V4.9 10012022.rar
3- XCRUISER DIGITAL FINDER XS7700HD PRO_ V4.8 26082021.rar
2- XCRUISER DIGITAL FINDER XS7700HD PRO_ V4.5 19072021.rar
1- XCRUISER DIGITAL FINDER_ XS7700HD PRO V4.3 08042021.rar

XCRUISER XS7700HD PRO DIGITAL FINDER Software New Update 13/06/2022



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