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Nazabox NZ10 receiver expands the content of your TV, adding an extensive number of channels with varied programming.

Among them , movie, cartoon, sports and journalistic channels that increase the options of choice for the whole family.

All with superior sound and image quality than conventional antennas .

The receiver has memory of up to 6,000 channels for TV and radio and includes remote control, HDMI and power cables that add quality to the image and facilitate communication with compatible devices.

TV and its programming have evolved day by day since its inception. Watching TV has also become one of the simplest ways to bring family and friends together at home.

Nowadays there is a very large variety of channels around the world, however, the satellite signal does not always reach all places, this is because the signal in that place is very low, to solve this issue Receivers emerged .

Receivers are devices with the ability to receive the signal and bring to TV a variety of channels with varied content, from movies, series, journalism, sports channels and a considerable range of programming for children. It offers a wide range of programs for all tastes, styles and interests.



Main Features:

Compatible with MPEG4 HD
FULL HD 1080p
MPEG4 HD with dual tuners
Dual Tuner (SKS)
1.266 GHz ALI Processor
Dolby 5.1 Channel Support
NAZA CONTROL – Exclusive app that turns your cell phone into a remote control
IPTV system with channels USA, Arabe, Sport, Somalia, France, India, Vietnam, and Adults
smart card reader
RJ-45 port (IKS)
SCPC and MCPC receiver from C / Ku satellite band
5000 programmable TV and radio channels
8 different groups selection of favorites
Multi-language OSD (English, Spanish, Portuguese).
Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
Picture in Graphics (PIG) ​​support
256 colors On Screen Display

Automatic network search for newly added transponders
Support DiSEqC switch, 13/18V, 0/22K
Various functions for channel editing (favorites, lock, move, rename, delete and sort)
Control access to channels blocked by password
Easy-to-use, interactive menu system
Timer reservations, to automatically switch to a specific channel
Automatic selection to save last channel
Channel list can be sorted by alphabetical AZ,
Scramble, Lock, Favorite, Sat.
FAT12/FAT16/FAT32/NTFS file system
Software update via USB
USB active PVR
JPEG image viewer
Support MP3, OGG
Support AVI, MKV MP4
Entertainment section with 52 games

ATTENTION To update your receiver:

Download the update and unzip if necessary;
Place the update at the root of the USB stick;
Reset the device;
Remove the antenna and network cables;
Insert the USB stick in the device and make the update;
After finishing, perform another reset, replace all cables and reconfigure.

File Name
New! FREESKY NAZABOX NZ10_ V289 24032022.rar
1- FREESKY NAZABOX NZ10_ V288 07122021.rar

Update FREESKY NAZABOX NZ10 Receiver Software 24/03/2022

Download FREESKY NAZABOX NZ10 Receiver Firmware New Update


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