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Azamerica innovates and brings to the market the Azamerica Receiver a new Advanced Technology . TV and its programs have evolved day after day since its inception.

Watching TV has also become one of the simplest ways to bring family and friends together at home. Nowadays there is a lot of variety of great channels throughout the world, however, not always the Satellite dis signal and reaches everywhere, this is a sign of the regard in this place to be very low, to resolve this issue arose the receivers.

Azamerica ST3 4K Wi-Fi ACM Android Hybrid Receiver

The receivers are devices with the ability to receive the signal and bring to the TV a variety of channels with varied contents, from films, series, journalism, sports channels and a considerable range of programming for children . It offers a vast program, has for all tastes, styles and interests.

Expand the programming options of your TV, choose and install your Receiver and through the FTA system receive the transmission of your favorite channels , you will not even notice the hours passing! In addition, the signal quality improves a lot, eliminating bad transmissions from conventional antennas.



Main Features :
  1. Compatible with WiFi access
  2. SD MPEG2, MPEG4 HD, H.264 / H.265 / AVC SD, H.264 – H.265 / AVC HD, SCPC and MCPC
  3. Reception of C-band FTA (Free to Air) satellites, Ku-band and ISDBT satellites
  4. Works with up to three antennas (2 satellite and 1 hybrid ISDB-T + CABLE) and or with internet
  5. Operating system: Proprietary
  6. ALI-3526 processor
  7. DVB: fully compatible with DVB-S and DVB-S2 (MPEG-II / MPEG-IV / H.264 / H.265)
  8. Internet connection via: 100M Ethernet, 2.4G USB Dongle wireless connection
  9. 3D UI and 3D Games supported
  10. Multi-screen function, DLNA, MiraCast, Airplay supported
  11. Software update via USB
  12. Supports DRM and Dolby Digital Plus
  13. 2 USB2.0 interface available for all types of storage,
  14. VOD
  15. USB
  16. DLNA
  17. Wi-Fi
  18. FTA
  19. Ultra 4K

Model part of the newest line AZ-America model ST3.

Receiver with 3 Tunner
4-digit LED display
Works with up to three antennas (2 satellite and 1 hybrid ISDB-T + CABLE) and or with internet
Support for Full HD 1080p and IPTV high definition channels.
Easy-to-configure Portuguese menu
Wireless Adapter – ISDBT Antenna – HDMI Cable, Included
AZAmerica ST3 receiver

Watch high quality TV with this AZ America receiver , watch over antennas or over the internet via IPTV , enjoy channels in quality up to 1080p!

Comes with a menu in Portuguese and simple control that make it even easier to use, being easy to configure as you wish and choose the channel you want to watch to start enjoying, it also has 2 USB 2.0 interface that are available for all types of storage and can also be used for updates via USB! Protocol: IKS / SKS / CS / CABO NET / IPTV / ONDEMAND. Azamerica ST3 4K Wi-Fi Android Receiver Hybrid Azamerica’s newest state-of-the-art receiver


IKS: Release via internet of the entire grid of channels existing on the satellite, which can be via RJ45 or Wi-Fi cable (Wi-Fi confirm description of the receiver)

Requirements: Internet connection + 1 antenna

SKS: Release of the entire grid of channels via satellite, that is, an antenna to receive the signal and another antenna to release the channels.

Requirements: 2 antennas (Internet is not required)

CS: It is an internet key distribution service contracted with a server that is paid monthly, semi-annually or annually, depending on the case.

Every receiver has this option but it is normally used in old models

ACM technology: ACM (Adaptable Codification Modulation) is adaptive coding and modulation. It is a technology that can automatically compensate for the modulation and correction of the FEC of a link and adjust the changes of this link automatically, without the need for a DONGLE. When the signal type of the satellite changes, our device already makes the automatic correction without having to connect any other device to it for the correction to be made.

File Name
New! AZAMERICA ST3-Hibrido_ V1.09.24157 23082022.rar
7- AZAMERICA ST3-Hibrido_ V1.09.23627 25032022.rar
6- AZAMERICA ST3-Hibrido_ V1.09.23371 15122021.rar
5- AZAMERICA ST3-Hibrido_ V1.09.23184 28092021.rar
4- AZAMERICA ST3-Hibrido_ V1.09.23178 22092021.rar
3- AZAMERICA ST3-Hibrido_ V1.09.22932 02072021.rar
VPN! AZAMERICA ST3-Hibrido_ V1.09.22811_ 30052021.rar
1- AZAMERICA ST3-Hibrido_ V1.09.22597_ 22032021.rar

AZAMERICA ST3-HIBRIDO Satellite Receiver New Software 23/08/2022



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