Download GTMEDIA V7 TT Satellite Receiver Software Latest Update. GGTMEDIA V7 TT Satellite TV Receiver H.265 HEVC 10 bit DVB-T2/C/JB30-A/B/C Digital WiFi Receiver with USB Wi-Fi, V7 TT Pro Upgrade. Download GTMedia Satellite Receiver Manual, and Software with New Option. For All Model GTMedia Receiver Update Click Here. Icone Receiver Software, For any Help Contact Us @ Facebook Page or Twitter.


GTMEDIA V7 TT Satellite TV Receiver H.265 HEVC 10 bit DVB-T2/C/JB30-A/B/C Digital WiFi Receiver with USB Wi-Fi, V7 TT Pro Upgrade


1- 1080P Full HD DVB-T/T2/DVB-C/J.83B, Support H.265 HEVC 10bit.
2- Support multi PLP; Support USB PVR Ready and USB wifi to Network Sharing.
3- Support Full speed USB 3/4G dongle and USB wifi dongle.
4- Support Europe Book Standard.
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Brand Name: GTMEDIA
CPU frequency: 770MHz Dual Core HEVC 10Bit
Flash Memory: 64MB SPI Flash
DDR2 Memory: 1G bit RAM
Demultiplexer: ISO/IEC 13818-1
Input Bit Rate: Max 100Mbit/s
Video Decode: MPEG-2 ISO/IEC 13818-2 [email protected], H.264(MPEG4 part 10) main and high profile level 4.1/MPEG-2 [email protected]
PAL/NTSC: Automatic PAL/NTSC conversion
Aspect Ratio: Auto, 16:9 Pillar box, 4:3 Pan & Scan, 4:3 Letter Box
Audio Decode: MPEG1 layer I, MPEG1 layer II, MPEG1 layer III, MPEG2 AAC, MPEG4 HE-AAC,EAC-3
Panel display: 4-digit LED display
Wifi: Support USB Wifi dongle (MTK7601)
Softare Upgrade: Software upgrades through USB port
Channel Edit: Various channel editing function(favorite, move, lock, skip, delete, rename, find, sort)
Input Voltage: AC 100V-250V, 50/60Hz
Consumption: 7W in operation, ≦1 W Standby Power Mode
Package Size: 21 * 17 * 5.2cm / 8.3 * 6.7 * 2.1in
Package Weight: 496g / 17.5oz

Important Note:
1- backup the channel list.                                        Backup Channel List
2- export the softcam.key to usb device                         Backup softcam.key
3- update the firmware to box by allcode mode 4-
4- update channel list then import softcam.key

Download Gtmedia Tools
How to Update Gtmedia Receiver
How To Dump Flash Gtmedia

File Name:

New! GTMEDIA V7TT_ V311 24022022.rar
Change log:
1. Update version information
2. information Add video QR code below

6- GTMEDIA_V7TT_V296_10112021.rar
Change log:
1. In Indonesia, DVB-T2 channel number update
2. T2 frequency update in Poland

Change log:
1. Update Youtube
4- GTMEDIA_V7TT_V265_13042021.rar
Change log:
1. Fix the date display format under EPG
2. Enlarge the number keys to select channels, which is convenient for the elderly to use
3. Fix water ripples in HD playback

3- GTMEDIA_V7TT_V257_02022021.rar
Change log:
1 Solve the problem of not playing youtube music
2. When adding backup User DB, back up the customer’s LCN settings
3. Under Newcam, the key of 0102030405060708091011121314 is automatically added by default

2- GTMEDIA_V7TT_09122020.rar
Change log:
1. Fix the problem that Youtube cannot be played

1- GTMEDIA_V7TT_05112020.rar
change log:
1. Update version information INFO interface
2. Add service email, official forum, user manual QR code
3. Increase mobile Internet access-mobile network sharing hotspot
4. Add system reset and auto restart
5. Solve the problem of Italian LCN channel display
6. Fix Italy LCN Qos better TP/last TP/first TP/save problem
7. Fix the LCN function, with LCN channel, LCN automatically opens when searching for channels, and channels are automatically sorted
8. Fix the LCN function, there is no LCN channel, LCN will automatically close when searching for channels, and the channels will be sorted automatically


Update GTMEDIA V7TT Receiver Software 24/02/2022
Download GTMEDIA V7TT Receiver Firmware New Update


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