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Caracteristicas :

Supports DLNA home streaming via network connection;
Hi-Speed USB 2.0 even faster than 1.0;
Playback of MP4/MKV/MPEG 4/MPEG 5 and DVIX Videos, among others, via PENDRIVE or External HD;
Including PVR ideal for programmed recordings “needed a flash drive or External HD via USB”;
Support Internet connection via LAN, WiFi or dongle*3G;
Dolby Digital Audio 5.1 channels;
Multi language programming fully compatible with EPG image graphics menu system for easy access;
Parental Blocking of 18+ adult channels and content;
Full HD resolution up to 1080p with HDMI output;
Product with exclusive WinSeries menu, compact and unique look;
VOD (Video on demand via streaming) YouTube, iPTV, iPTV18+ and more;

Description :

Check out Tocomsat’s new release the Tocombox Energy HD with the new ACM demodulation technology enabling the use of Keys in new satellites. As always, Tocomsat comes with new weight releases and already with the new technology, the Tocombox. Energy HD comes with its own IPTV system with hundreds of movies for you to watch directly on the internet, guarantee your Tocombox Energy HD now with total security and warranty delivery time NOTE: Tocombox Energy HD accepts HDMI only The TV and its programming have evolved day by day since its inception. Watching TV has also become one of the simplest ways to gather family and friends at home. Nowadays there is a very wide variety of channels all over the world, however, the satellite signal does not always reach everywhere, this is because the signal in that place is very low, To resolve this issue, the Receivers emerged.

The receivers are devices with the ability to receive the signal and bring to the TV a variety of channels with varied content, from movies, series, journalism, sports channels and a considerable range of programming for children. It offers a wide range of programs, for all tastes, styles and interests. Expand your TV programming options, choose and install your Receiver and through the FTA system receive the transmission of your favorite channels, you won’t even notice the hours pass! In addition, the quality of the signal improves a lot, putting an end to the bad transmissions of conventional antennas.


Black color. Full HD 1080 RESOLUTION – using an HDMI Cable. BRAND Tocombox. LCD DISPLAY. INTERFACE Power 12V – 2A, VGA, DV-OUT, Ethernet, USB, LNB 1/LNB 2. GROSS WEIGHT (gr) 575 INTERNET CONNECTION Supports Internet connection via LAN, WiFi or 3G dongle. IKS: Internet release of the entire existing satellite channel grid, which can be via RJ45 cable or Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi confirm receiver description). Requirements: Internet connection + 1 SKS antenna: Release of the entire channel grid via satellite. That is, an antenna to receive the signal and another antenna to release the channels.

Requirements: 2 antennas (It is not necessary to use the internet) CS: It is an internet key distribution service contracted with a server that is paid monthly, semiannually or annually, depending on the case. Every receiver has this option, however it is normally used in old IPTV models: It works similarly to streaming services such as Youtube and Netflix, the famous on demand that provides the biggest box office that are in the cinema or have just come out, the main series for watch whenever you want. These receivers came in addition to releasing more than 170 channels (of course, hi and sky) and still have available a collection of movies and series better than NETFLIX to watch whenever you want and without paying a monthly fee.

File Name

New! TOCOMLINK Energy HD_ V3.005 21102022.rar
5- TOCOMLINK Energy HD_ ARTEMIS V1.10.5009 30092022.rar
4- TOCOMLINK Energy HD_ V3.004 10092022.rar
3- TOCOMLINK Energy HD_ ARTEMIS V1.09.4484 05082022.rar
2- TOCOMLINK Energy HD_ V3.002 30062022.rar
1- TOCOMLINK Energy HD_ SDS.rar

TOCOMBOX ENERGY HD_ Satellite Receiver Software Update 21/10/2022



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