Starsat SR-2000HD Extreme SOFTWARE UPDATE


Starsat SR-2000HD Extreme Satellite Receiver New Software Download

Starsat SR-2000HD Extreme Digital Satellite Receiver Software Latest Update. With a lot of free IPTV Packages and Free Server Download. For other Starsat Receiver Latest Software Update Click Here. and Contact Us on Facebook Page or Twitter.

Starsat SR-2000HD Ultra HD Satellite Receiver, H.265, 8000 Channels, 2xUSB, HDMI, GM-Screen, DLNA, 2xRemotes, PVR, EPG, 3G, YouTube, WiFi USB Included with 1 Year Service


  1. 15 Month Forever Server
  2. 12 Month IPTV

Starsat SR-2000HD Extreme SOFTWARE UPDATE

Product Description:

1080P Full HD Receiver for TV and Mobile 2
USB Ports 3G Wifi YouTube
Blind Scan DBV
Media Player
Multi-Patch Weather Update PVR Ready EPG
DVB-S/DVB-S2 Satellite Compatible Compression Technology Advanced
Receives from SCBC and MCBC satellites from KU, C-Band
Universal, Single S and C-Band Wide
LNP Compatible symbol rates: 1/2, 3/5, 2/3, 3/4, 4/ 5, 5/6, 7/8, 8/9 and
9/10 sensitive tuner with loop-through.
DiSEq C 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3(USALS)
support blind
search Multiple satellite search, network search, TP
search Auto search DISEqC

Variable aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9) with choice of PAN-Scan or message box transmission
Output resolution: 480i,480p,576i, 576p, 720p_50Hz,720p_60Hz,1080i_50Hz, 1080i_60Hz, 1080P_50Hz, 1080P_60Hz
16 color segments on the screen (OSD) )
memory storage: 100 satellite and 4000 bus and 8000 channel
supports satellite, delete and re – add growth and move it
supports adding the sender, delete and edit
32 favorite group and support parental lock.
Lock the supported program, delete, move and rename.
Supported menu in multiple languages ​​(English, German, Russian, Arabic, Hungarian)
List of supported software, has four sorting functions: FTA>ACS, satellite, transmission, alphanumeric.
Easy functions such as mass movement history/recall,
multi-language voice.
Multilingual DVD subtitle director
14-Day Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
Teletext output via VBI and OSD.
Software upgrade (data, kernel, file system) through USB
USB 2.0 interface
Supports third generation


File Download

New! SR-2000HD EXTREME_V338 30052024.bin
41- SR-2000HD EXTREME_V337
40- SR-2000HD EXTREME_V336
39- SR-2000HD_EXTREME V335
38- SR-2000HD EXTREME_V334
37- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V333 13032024.rar
36- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V332 22012024.rar
35- SR-2000HD EXTREME_V331
34- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V330 16012024.rar
33- SR-2000HD EXTREME_V329
32- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V328 22112023.rar
31- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V327 14112023.rar
30- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V323 18102023.rar
29- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V321 13102023.rar
28- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V320 11102023.rar
27- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V318 26092023.rar
26- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V317 12092023.rar
25- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V316 07092023.rar
24- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V314 30082023.rar
23- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V313 18082023.rar
22- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V312 01062023.rar
21- SR-2000HD EXTREME_V311
20- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V310 14042023.rar
19- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V308 01032023.rar
18- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V307 07112022.rar
17- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V306 21102022.rar
16- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V305 09102022.rar
15- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V304 01092022.rar
14- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V303 29042022.rar
13- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V301 08032022.rar
12- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V299 20012022.rar
11- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V297 08112021.rar
10- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V296
9- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V295 23052021.rar
8- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V293 30042021.bin
7- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V292 20042021.rar
6- SR-2000HD EXTREME_V291
5- SR-2000HD EXTREME_V290 25022021.tar.gz
4- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V289 17122020.rar
Flash: StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_GD25Q128 Flash Dump.rar
3- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V288 08092020.rar
2- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V287 29072020.rar
1- StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V286 24072020.rar
GXRom! StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_V259 GxRom 10092019.rar
Loader! StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME GX6621 loader.rar
Flash Rom! StarSat SR-2000HD EXTREME_16MB W25Q128 Flash Rom.rar

Updates Starsat SR-2000HD Extreme Receiver Software 30/05/2024
Download Starsat SR-2000HD Extreme Receiver Firmware New Update

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    Can you guide me how to renew setup box server the receiver own channels not the server of that of dish, and how much will be the cost.


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