STARSAT SR-T14 EXTREME Satellite Receiver New Software Download

STARSAT SR-T14 EXTREME Digital Satellite Receiver Software Latest Update. Software With Many free IPTV Packages, Free Server Packages. All Starsat Receiver Models Latest Software Update Click HereTo Download. For Latest Updates About Satellite TV Receiver and Help Contact Us @ Facebook Page or Twitter.
StarSat SR-T14 Extreme Full HD Receiver, 8000 Channels, 2 x USB, HD, Multi Screen LAN, PVR, YouTube, WiFi, USB Included with 1 Year Service

Product Description :

2.4G remote control
include one year service.
Weather, RSS, Stock Display
DVB-S/DVB-S2 Satellite Compatible with Advanced Compression Technology
Receive from SCBC and MCBC satellites from KU, C-Band
Universal, Single S and C-Band Wide LNP
Symbol Rates Compatible: 1/2, 3/5, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6, 7/8, 8/9 and
9/10 sensitive tuner with loop through.
DiSEqC C 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3(USALS)
support Supports blind
search Multiple satellite search, Network search, TP
search Auto search DISEqC
Variable aspect ratio (4:3, 16) :9) With the option of Pan and Scan transmission or letter box
Output resolution: 480p 480i, 576p & 576i,720p50&60HZ,1080i 50&60HZ,1080P 50&60Hz,
16-bit color on screen (OSD)
Storage: 100 satellites, 4000 carriers, 8000 channels
Supports satellite addition, delay, renaming and moving.
Adding, deleting and editing sender supports
32 and more favorite groups and supports parental lock.
Favorite group add and delete
Support program lock, delete, move (group movement), rename, switch
Multi-language supported list (English, German, Russian, Arabic, Hungarian)
The list of supported programs has four sorting functions: FTA>ACS, satellite, Transmission, Alphabet.
Easy functions such as multi-language mass movement history / recall and DVB subtitle output.
Supports multiple IPG languages
Multilingual DVB Subtitle Output
Electronic Program Guide (Now/Next Daily, Weekly)
Multi EPG (14 Days)
Teletext Output Via VBI and OSD.
Upgrade software and additional data through USB
USB 2.0 interface


New! T14 EXTREME_V229 04062024.bin
40- T14 EXTREME_V227
39- T14 EXTREME_V226
38- T14 EXTREME_V225
37- T14 EXTREME_V224
36- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V223 13032024.rar
35- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V222 22012024.rar
34- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V220 16012024.rar
33- T14 EXTREME_V219
32- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V217 22112023.rar
31- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V216 14112023.rar
30- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V213 06112023.rar
29- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V212 18102023.rar
28- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V209 11102023.rar
27- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V207 26092023.rar
26- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V206 12092023.rar
25- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V205 06092023.rar
24- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V203 30082023.rar
23- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V202 18082023.rar
22- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V201 01062023.rar
21- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V199 14042023.rar
20- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V198 11042023.rar
19- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V196 01032023.rar
18- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V195 07112022.rar
17- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V194 21102022.rar
16- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V193 09102022.rar
15- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V192 01092022.rar
14- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V191 29042022.rar
13- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V190 20042022.rar
12- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V189 08032022.rar
11- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V187 20012022.rar
10- Starsat T14 EXTREME_V185
9- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V184 23052021.rar
8- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V182 30042021.rar
7- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V181 20042021.rar
6- T14 EXTREME_V180
5- T14 EXTREME_V179 25022021.tar.gz
4- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V178 17122020.rar
3- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V177 08092020.rar
2- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V176 29072020.rar
1- StarSat T14 EXTREME_V175 24072020.rar
GXRom! StarSat T14 EXTREME_V150 GxRom 06092019.rar
Loader! StarSat T14 EXTREME_GX6621 Loader.rar

STARSAT SR-T14 EXTREME_Receiver Software 04/06/2024
Download STARSAT SR-T14 EXTREME Receiver Firmware

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